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Supernatural stories

The most beautiful Ghost story and it just happened to me.


Yesterday I was driving home from Rhode Island. I was getting near Boston. I was talking to Michelle on the phone the entire ride. The entire day began magically, it was so nice out, I was smiling and happy.


As I drove, Michelle and I were having a very kissy face kinda conversation, I asked her if she saw a song I put up on Twitter for

her a few days prior. She said that yes, she did and she thought it was a lovely song. I went on to tell her I thought it was one of the prettiest songs I have ever heard and that it was very special to me.


Then I looked up ahead and saw the entrance to the tunnel on the i-93 that runs under Boston. Right then I realized how happy I really was, how LOVED I was. I smiled and took in everything around me, I entered the tunnel. It was awash in golden light and red tail lights. It was so beautiful. It was part of one of the happiest moments of my life.


I then said to Michelle "It is so pretty in here. Normally I am nervous of crashing in the tunnel. There are box trucks on both sides of me!" It was pretty good traffic and Boston can be tricky. I then said this to her, "I am not nervous though, I know I am protected. Candi and many others know I am travelling now and I am sure They are thinking of me. I HAVE A PASSENGER, I CAN FEEL HER. My friend sends someone to be with me and I am protected." I knew I was not alone in my car. I said so to Michelle.


an hour or so later I got home. I got a msg from Candi in the UK. Soon she asked how I felt. She said someone is here with me and I said "I know" and then it was gone. She was with Candi there.


Then she went on to tell me who it was. And then she said this, which has changed the way I see everything that is happening around me:


"She's saying something to me about a tunnel" Candi said.


I started to cry.


"Is there more" I asked after I calmed down.


"She is saying something about a song" ... this is a true story.

I-93 Tunnel (written by Danny Bigbeard)