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obviously we start the night with the usual protection & kit setup.  We placed audio equipment and video camera's and CCTV covering most of the downstairs corriders and staircases.



We had all the equipment fully charged, though i think Alan may have suffered from power drain on the night.   Most of the equipment is AC powered to counteract that,  although thats only as good if you have ac sockets available.


Aaron and Jojo walked around with Chris,  who explained the general history of the location.  The rest of the team discussed the plan for the evening.



We started off by what we call an environment check,  this is leaving equipment behind and walking floor by floor.  We would all stand in a circle and just stand in complete darkness.  This is to see what natural sounds we hear,  for example at Woodchester you will hear owls and other animals.  You can also be made aware of drips from water leakages,  creaky floorboards etc.  This is also good to do regarding sight as your eyes will start to adjust to the dark.  Alot of people claim to see shadows but often it could just be you mind tricking you as it adjust to focus on the darker areas.   We walked floor by floor checking for any reflective lights (for example a little alarm gave off a red glow- we noted it.  You never know pictures or people may mistake that for something it is not.


Once we marked down all the natural occurances.


We then started at the basement area,  we called out to see if we had any responses it remained fairly quiet.  We tried using a power circle to raise the energy and vibration of the room then split into to 2's and covered every room in the basement.  Our guest said she felt something was touching her leg.  Also Grant and Aaron said they had seen with their own eyes a orange orb moving. Looking like it was trying to manifest.  Unfortunately they didnt have any visual proof other than their statements (shame).


We then split into two larger teams of 5 & 4.


Team A remained in the basement and team B took the top stairs.   EVP's are very common in the basement due to what the location was used for.  So the Realtime EVP came into play.  The team was generally talking at first (as often in our opinion spirits interact when your behaving more normal).  It was then the realtime EVP which was playing through speaking made a little giggle.  We all identified it as a child or female giggle.   We then asked question with what appeared to be replying with yes.   we noticed the tone and reply was pretty repititive so we tried to see if our voices were giving off a weird echo, so we tried asking the same question at different levels to see if the same replies happened... but they did not.   Also one of the replies sounded like it said 'it's fun' which was in our audio clip below.  We reviewed some at the break and thought we heard the same girls voice say 'PAPA'.


We moved around the location but the only other occurance was the whole team in the kitchen doing a power circle,  we heard tapping behind Craig (me) and a few of us got this feeling that something nasty had come through the room.  


The ouija board also opened up some messages to team members and also some vague messages regarding the building.


The team did have some interesting mist like photo's as a rule we take one photo followed directly by another to proove something is not static.  It would seem these mists appear then dissapeared.  Some seemed pretty big.


Also whist looking through the photo's Craig noticed their appeared to be a form of spirit writing in it.  This was studied very deeply by the team - we couldnt tell if it said Jojo or Zozo both have very different meanings-  The video clip down here will explain it more.   Great investigation from the team.  Cant say for definate that the stuff below is paranormal but they are certainly odd.


[Craig - Co founder of G.S.S]


Team View: - Here are some thoughts from the team


Grant - Co founder of G.S.S


Frist floor i felt an energy. Like a child sort of peeping between me and Mark and then seen between Aaron and Craig like a yellowish glow!  


The ground kitchen i saw a black shadow behind me and then dart to the other side, a sharp pain in my back left side near my spine, like a sharp stabbing pain happened a few times,


When the shadow in the kitchen went past i felt uncomfortable and swapped places with Aaron, he then began to feel really angry.  I picked up up on the feeling of anger,  a male presence being angry.

I also felt there was something behind Craig in the corner of the room, just stood watching,  Craig just before said he heard one footstep in the corner and he felt something was around too.


Basement I saw something in the corridor, when we were in the last room of the basement I heard footsteps in the corridor with Aaron, we stood in the corridor and kept waching after a short time we witnessed with our very own eyes a ball of orange-yellowish energy floating near the big room.   When i questioned it it tried to manisfest and change shape but then went black and dissapeared.


Candi - Co founder of G.S.S


I think woody was interesting especially when me and jojo were on the board a name came through that Chris later confirmed was connected to the building and some good unusual photos were taken love woody.

Woodchester Mansion 22/03/13

Picture 5                        Picture 6                        Picture 7                        Picture 8                        Picture 9

The photo's to the right of this comment can be commonly mistaken by people as paranormal. However I happened to know these are natural occrances or Camera defects.  I will explain.


Picture One,  from the photo it looks like something is by Chris,  but again you can clearly see the outline of his shoulder within the blur- this again could be motion blur as the Chris and Aaron are walking at the time. Again the camera gets confused and creates a double exposure.


Picture Two,  a light trail of the CCTV light.  From a distance in the dark this could confuse people to think this is something, but it's not.


Picture Three,  is simply rain.


Picture Four, shows a motion blur from the torch - making it look like an energy. But this is merely just the camera reacting wrongly to the flashlight.

Picture 10                      Picture 11                      Picture 12                     Picture 13            

Pictures here show some odd mists - some of them could be normal as in drops in the temperature,  difficult to know for sure.  


Personally i like picture 9 as this shows a mists quite high up and at the back.  I have witness a concentrated mist travel along the ceilings- it moved very odd and looked like it was trying to avoid being seen.  This reminded me of that time.  


Picture 13 also looks odd as again the mist is at the far far back and looks like it drops into a funnel of thinner mist at the bottom.  


Picture 11 is the situation Grant mentions,  about people sensing something in the corner,  we must of heard something as well as you can see Mark, Grant and Jojo

Click here to view the ZoZo-Jojo video

The video to the left is a video from the basement area using the realtime method for EVP.


The link to the right is a youtube video,  when you load it make sure you select fullscreen mode as all the comments desribing our thoughts are on there but are quite small.


It's a movie of still images , the pictures will change every 10-15 seconds

Pictures and Movies from the investigation