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Main report by Craig Jones s.a.c dip (parapyshcology)- GSS Lead Investigator -


Ok so we are approaching the end of year,  for GSS we have done alot.  For me this year has all been about the team and collecting evidence its also been a year of seeing what does and doesnt work.  


Next year we will approach things slightly differently.  More focus on other areas.  


This report is about two things.


Mainly Woodchester a small gang of us went there recently and conducted an investigation.


I will make this brief,  we did experience activity and the most responsive one was a tapping to answering questions.   This went on for a good 20 minutes.   We also heard some very clear voices in the cellar area.  We knew we were the only ones in the building so this was quite impressive.  At one point it did sound like a man and woman were having a conversation.


My main objective was to try and recreate the ZOZO/JOJO photo (photo taken in the march woody visit) which seemed to resemble spirit writing.   I tried all sorts of things from angles,  to different flashes to smudges lettering on the windows to see if it was responsible for creating the weird plasma like writing we received on the odd photo.  I tried using the same camera,  placement and same room.  I got nothing that resembles any writing like the photo.  Also I examined the windows carefully.   I also asked Grant to try this the week later,  he tried lots of tests but both of us could not recreate the photo. So it is a very very odd find for us.  One we dont have a obvious answer for yet.  Light trails would not create recognisable letters like that with accuracy,  also the pattern was repeated, to do that knowingly with a light trial,  well i would think that as impossible.  the photo showed no signs of motion blur either.  To me it's like something used the energy from the flash to write wording.  The oddest thing was the person from our team who took the photo,  her nickname is JOJO so the significance there is pretty uncanny.


Anyway in the video below their is a section about that.  


The other video is a collection of EVP's collected from investigations we did not publish and some we did,  to round up the year with findings.  I dont believe everything to be paranormal but here are some things that look unusual. See what you think.


I stand by the statement that we only truely believe when we have had that personal experience for which we can not explain,  that is what i call paranormal....those moments are usually very spotaneous and not often captured on film.  The GSS's objective is to show findings to you,  not to convince you.  As always let you decide.

Round up for year 2013 and our last investigation this year at Woodchester


The visual and audio here was reviewed and created by Craig Jones/Alan Wellington

The music used in the video was also created and written by Craig Jones.


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End of year Roundup - Other EVP's

Woodchester Findings - end of year investigation includes Zozo/Jojo