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Main report by Craig Jones s.a.c dip (parapyshcology)- GSS Lead Investigator -


The team pack the gear and travelled to Monmouth to the location of Wales oldest pub the famous Skirrid Inn.  When we found it we were delighted by the tradional style building – it was a very welcoming pub.  Craig and Candi brought the team a round of drinks – usually we don’t drink but it was a special occasion as Candy had found out she passed her parapsychology course with Distinction,  also as we were staying the night and stopping for breakfast the one beverage certainly wasn’t going to interfere with the teams eagerness or in depth level of detail.  The team had a meal which the food was extremely good and affordable.  Crikey reading this sounds like im a hotel inspector.  I guess what im trying to tell people is the venue was very good,  the whole theme of the place was quirky,  the staff and manager was very friendly and the rooms were large and very very fitting.


The team rouned up the three keys to room 1,2 & 3 and looked at each room in turn.  Room 1 was very big,  and had a four poster bed.  Very spacious.  Room 2 pretty similar to 1,  we established this as the base room as it was central to the stair case,  room 1 & 3.  


Room 3 was a decent size not as big as the other two but had a quirky older style.


We regrouped in room 2,  the girls went to room 1.  In room two the lads got their equipment out….. this could lead to a joke..but I’ll keep it clean.  Yes,  we unpacked the camera’s,  CCTV, laptops, audio & gadgets and planned where to put things.   Aaron went to check on the girls.  Who reported to him that activity had been already happening and Jo said down in the toilet – which is joined to the room,  but has a staircase leading down to it.  See saw an old lady.  When Aaron came back to room 2 and reported it to the guys,  three of us saw a woman walk past the door and into room3.  Which was locked.


Unfortunately… and this is a bit odd the CCTV camera pointing at the door. Was not working.   Which was a massive shame,  as we all checked room 3 after spending a few mins trying to get the door open.  Their was no one around – upstairs,  on the staircase and the girls were still in room 1.  


This was quite a good active start for us,  so we pushed the setup really quickly setting up a wireless camera on the landing and staircase,  and wired CCTV cable in room3,  room2 had a full spectrum webcam and room 1 was handled by stationery Video camera’s (infrared).  We placed certain objects in the rooms,   ghost box,  K2’s, em pulses, dowsing rods,  boards,  planchette (writing).  Trigger objects in each room and in the bathroom were Jo saw her lady.  Craig also had emotion trigger objects.  Which show’s expression themed with emotions this is something he literally thought off an hour before the trip.   It was to see if a emotion of spirit could be better shown using these cards.


Once setup was done we did some planning – Craig had wrote out a schedule which was followed and included some new idea’s which I already announced the emotion cards,  another new process called ripple in time,  which was thought up by Candi and the alone experience,  which goes against are rule…but we monitored the situation via CCTV and an interactive baby monitor so we could see and hear the responses of our team member.  (plus they had a walkie talkie).


After discussion the plan we got called down by the landlord who told us to enjoy ourselves and do whatever we like.  We then spoke to a member of staff who kindly shared how initially he felt uncomfortable of the place but after a while got used to things.  We had a brief chat,  then started the investigation.


It did seem whislt Grant and Craig where in the other room – room1 was spiking K2 activity and,  this was just after Mark has suggested something was by the mirror – which was next to the K2-  which then spiked..  when Aaron asked Mark to go and stand near the K2 the high K2 hits suddenly stopped.  For me this is a good piece of relevant video,  marks mentally sees something or gets an impression of something by the mirror, the K2 which is next to  it, starts to spike,  then when mark is told to move near it it stops, very suddenly.  It obviously wasn’t a static energy causing it as the fluctuations would be constant.  It’s also not a member of the team as when mark approached it who was nearest to it,  but still a good distant away to not cause it high levels of K2,  he approaches it and it completetely stops.  So nothing from the team members either… so what energy was it?  


The K2’s did go off when certain things were mentioned.   Mainly the word possession,  that seem to set it off.


We decided to begin with an energy circle, which we have filmed a sample showing more of GSS instead of just findings,  this is so you get a connection with us,  see what we do,  how we do it.  It’s very condensed down.   The energy circles was tried in room1,  some of us felt the temperature change and the temp eggs alan placed did drop a degree or two resulting in it changing colour.  Some of us got the static feeling also.  We had to stop as Craig was abit worried about the key system if any keys were left unattended and by calling out and saying can you close a door,  if they did that.  Then we would not be able to get back into that room,  so we rounded up all the keys just to make sure.  (you got to think of these things).  Doors shutting and opening are often common for paranormal acitivity.  When we returned Candi mentioned doing a Wiccan circle which is to a certain degree another way of creating energy but it’s more about elements and voice spoken words to created a chant and raising the energy vibrations.  We started with this,  and I digged the idea,  you have to mix up the normal.   If you watch the introduction of the video there is a section where we believed someone was not keen on Witches.  So by doing the chant we could witness some activity.  It wasn’t long and in the height of our chant going from low to high,  Craig felt the impression of someone peering round at him and moving round the group.   Alan felt something was behind him.  And during the chant, JoJo flinches and looks puzzled.  Aaron ask what happened and the chant ends.  Jojo said somebody grabbed her backside. – which you can see this reaction on the video.  Jojo before this did mention how hot she was feeling, although we felt around her aura and some very odd coolness with around her and Aaron said the back of her arms were cold- (again in the video).


Good start and whilst it took us a while to get a serious energy circle going – which on a few occasions did make us laugh, but we are normal people and having fun with it is good for raising vibrations and is an energy increaser.  Some spirits warm to this more.


We repeated the two circles downstairs in the bar area,  where during the one circle we had some K2 hits-  also Craig and Alan who were closer to the door thought they heard a voice.  We also had to double check upstairs as we thought we heard movement up in the bedrooms, despite for the team being accounted for and no one else in the building.  Also when doing Candies Wiccan circle,  it seemed Jojo feels someone touch her,  which before this the group was commented on her and the heat and cold around her, so perhaps something was effecting her.


Throughout the nightit did seem to go quiet but the activities we did, moved the invesitgation along in a great pace.   Ouija boards messages came through,  the girls and Grant used the planchette which spelt out a name and draw a round face,  this face actually resembled the emotion cards,  which looked very much like frustration.  Aaron had mentioned the ghostbox had a womans voice who appeared to be anxious to say something.


Throughout the night myself and Alan did keep hearing voices in different locations, which one was picked up in a n EVP when we was downstairs in the bar 'That was so silly' was the EVP.


We did find our ripple in time did get some rather strong ouija messages about the play that was being acted out by half the team.  The replies seemed relevant to the script Craig (I) had written.  Also later when listening to the audio,  their is an EVP of a man saying 'Behind you' as the guys are discussing the rope on the top of the staircase.


We ended the investigation at around 5:30 on the morning,


Craig J


Alan - G.S.S Team Technical Investigator


i personally was impressed with the skirrid inn and personally was drawn to the stairs leading up to the attic still to review all my evidence as been busy with work etc but if there is anything caught like i am imagining would have been caught then should be interesting and already had craig find a potential EVP that related to myself on a personal level but all in all a very interesting building and just wish i/we had checked out the cemetary part when was there but gratitude to the owners for allowing us run of the building and look forward to checking out the building again at another occasion



Skirrid Inn - 06/09/13

This is the first webisode for GSS and shows me of the investigation and team - we hope you like this.


EVP'S from the investigation are at the end of the video - we are still reviewing footage, Alan has presented two new clips which will be added to this sections when they have been studied more.


The visual and audio here was reviewed and created by Craig Jones

The music used in the video was also created and written by Craig Jones.


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