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Main report by Mark - GSS Team Investigator


Candi carried out team protection while we were waiting out the main entrance (the Bungalow) when waiting for Matt from the Essex Team to arrive. I then decided afterwards, after a quick chat with Grant, to 'open-up' myself for the investigation. Was a little apprehensive about doing this, as I had never done this before an investigation.


Pre-Investigation Walk-Around

After meeting up with Matt, who show us another 'service' entrance into the bunker, and meeting the other paranormal teams there, Matt's took us on a guided tour of the bunker. Grant and I then went for a walk around before the main investigation started to get a feel for the place.


One of the first things I picked up on was at the top of the main stairs. It felt to me that someone had fallen from these stairs, not down the steps themselves, but over the rails and down to the bottom floor. While I didn't think it was a fatal floor, when ask by Grant did I have any indication of injury, I said back or pelvis. Grant then commented that he had been given something similar in the journey up to Essex that morning. Later that night, after returning from one of the lowers levels, I overheard a discussion of one of the other groups where one guy was talking of seeing a woman's body lying at the base of the stair well. Whether related or not to what Grant and I picked up on I don't know.


The walk round the Government level revealed the faint smell of burning. Grant identified the smell as what he thought was burning paper.

On the lower level, Grant and I split, Grant heading towards the communications room, myself towards the 'BT MTX' switch room. As I entered the door way to the switch room, I was stopped by a feeling of 'Shit, there's something there'. Realising Grant had gone into the other room, I decided to go over and get him to see if he would sense anything. However, he was also sensing something in the communications room, and upon following him into the adjoining 'Scientist' room, there was that feeling of, there's something here as I got a 'prickly' sensation all over. While Grant was describing what he felt into his Dictaphone, I got the name 'Max'. Grant recorded this.


We then headed back into the Comms room, through the connecting 'Operators' room into the 'switch' room. The presence I first felt in the switch room wasn't there, but there was the feeling that there was a spirit connected with these 4 rooms which moved around them.


The last thing I picked up on during this initial walk round was in two, small, connected bunk rooms, adjacent to the 'crew room'. A sensation of something there, but we didn't stay long enough to pick up on anything more. Later in the night, when I was directing a member of the public to the toilets, we walked past these rooms and she commented that she didn't like those rooms after her previous visit.


Vigil 1 – Medical Centre/Main Dormitory

As a group, we decided to start in the main dormitory. I jumped up onto the top bunk of one of the beds and lead down, eyes closed. It wasn’t long before I started to feel a level of frustration. At first, I thought this was just due to the noises being made by Craig and Alan as they were setting up cameras and kit, but as these noises subsided and my level of frustration only increased, I realised that may it wasn’t this. I was also picking up on the name Joe or Joseph.


I told the group about the feelings I was getting and the names, but moments later were startled by Alan who had attempted to climb quietly up beside me with his K2. Needless to say my shout seem to set off a general round of cries and shouts. After the commotion had subsided, Grant went to check his Dictaphone, saying he’d been told do so. He detected a sound he couldn’t account for or identify. This unaccounted for noise needs to be confirmed and identified, though during the second vigil, I did have a suggestion for Grant to check on.

After this event, spent a while sat on the bed. This was when I realised that there was a cold spot behind me, on around my back. Candi had also been taken photos of me and pick up what she believed to be a face coming out of the air ducting above me. Grant agreed there was a face, or something, present but also suggested that subsequent photos taken after showed it withdrawing. This is still to be confirmed.


Later, while still in the dormitory, looking through to the Medical bay, I noticed what looked like a shadow moving in the glow of Alan’s UV light. This didn’t happen once, but a couple of times and always in the same place.


Vigil 2 – Government level

This was a relatively quiet vigil. Didn’t pick up on any of the things Grant and I did during our walk around earlier, though Grant did pick up on a smell at one point with he identified as the chemicals used for developing photographs. I did detect a faint, chemical type smell. But didn’t know what it was and it was very faint.

Witnessed Alan’s experiment with the temperature glow eggs, showing the temperature dropping as he asked out for any spirits to affect the temperature around the egg.  At one point, upon entering one of the side rooms, it felt like there was a presence there. Grant, Alan and myself entered the room, settled in and started to ask out, but it soon became apparent that there wasn’t anything there as the atmosphere in the room had changed.


There were also several strange readings picked up on the K2 meters. These were traced to the air vents on the air conditioning ducts. At these points, the readings remained fairly steady, so we put deduced this was most likely due to the static created by the air flow around the metal ducting.

Only other thing of note for me is something that linked back to the first vigil. At one point, while standing still away from the main group, at one end of the room, I was aware of Carla – a wolf spirit that’s been with since joining GSS – sat by me (it’s much the same feeling I get when either of my two dogs do the same).  It felt like she was saying that the noise Grant pickup in the Dormitory was her warning off whatever it was coming out of the duct that Candi pick up on the camera. I’ve asked Grant to check to see if the noise he picked up was a snarl or a growl or something similar.


Vigil 3 – Tunnel/Machine Rooms

Again, relatively quiet vigil. When in the tunnel, Candi, Alan and Craig carried out a Oujie board. Part way through this; decide to sit on the floor with my eyes closed. While quietly sat, felt like I was traveling up the tunnel, but then at some point veered off into a side tunnel of the main one. I let mentioned this to Grant during the 4th Vigil. He reckoned that there was a blocked off passage way of the tunnel, but when we went to take a look, another group was there so was unable to follow this up.

We then moved onto one of the machine rooms. Pick up some strange clicking sounds, which appear to occur in response to questions. However, there was also a PIR sensor in the room which also produce a clicking sound when it detected anyone moving, so some or all of the clicks could have been this or another one in the room which we didn’t find.

The next machine room was quiet.


Vigil 4 – Communication/Scientist/Operations Rooms

The Communication and Scientist Rooms was where Grant and I had picked up the most on our walk around. However, by the time we got there in vigil 4, the place felt drained.  I didn’t really pick up on anything in any of the rooms, though by this point in time was feel pretty tired and drained myself.


Post Vigils

After closing down, as Taz taught, I have to admit to feeling less drained and ‘lighter’. Whether this means anything, I’m not sure.



The Bunker was a fascinating place. In the pre-walk around, Grant and I definitely pick up on some activity in the lower levels that unfortunately appeared not to be present during our vigil there. The Medical centre/Dormitory certainly proved active for us. Would love to visit the place again.

On a side note, before going, I was convinced there were 4 levels, but there was only 3. However, when talking to a friend of mine who is also a paranormal investigator on the Sunday evening about my experiences, I mention this and how I must have got it wrong. He then told me, “No, you are right, my guide has just said there are 4 levels.”  Make of this what you will.


He is also ex-RAF and said that there should be more entrances than the 2 we are aware of to allow for escape in case of siege or an emergency.






Craig- Co-Founder of G.S.S


I though the location was fantastic.  On the travel down Grant had picked up on a person who he believed to have caused a fight and may have suffered som injuries,  which is interesting as we received an EVP which i believes says 'Knock me out Chief'.  The top level for me seemed to have most of the team on edge,  Candi certainly didnt feel comfortable up there, nor Mark.  


I used lots of full spectrum camera's still & Video, motion triggered full spectrum webcam,  Antistatic devices, the SB7 ghostbox, K2's, Cell sensor.  It was noted on the floor with losts of computers - the Government level, their was a certain corner which fluctated with EMF readings, at first they appeared to respond in a strange manner,  We debunked that corner as we found the ventillations system or hidden cables was the cause for this,  if you held both EMF devices to the ceiling they went off the scale so the odd readings were just weaker signals of that area.  Alans visual temperature egg worked well and upon asking something to effect the temperature he did say the temp dropped by a few degrees,


I felt as the night went on it seemed to get quieter, Team worked well on the night- all of us felt drained by the end of the evening but this could of been the early start for our journey to Essex, We all enjoyed the investigation.  All the other teams seemed nice and very helpful.  Still got lots of visuals and audio to go through.



Grant - Co-Founder of G.S.S


On route to the bunker i was given a suggestion that there had been an accident or a fight had gone on,alos a vague image of a person involved,we arrived at the bunker which to look at was a hole in a hedge which opened up to a tunnel leading inside,we had a breif tour of the bunkers many floors,it was then i had suggestion that something was wrong with one of the rooms,this also gave like a goosebump shudder,when entering and leaving like i was passing through something,i then set about asking questions of what had gone on it that room via calling out.


I also had the suggestion that not all the bunker was open ie blocked off parts,so again i had to ask why. I enjoyed seeing an old bunker used in the wars it gave a eeire and almost hollow feel,it was a great location but with many questions but only few answers,deffinaly worth a few more trips for the truth



Alan - G.S.S team investigator


I found the entire bunker area to be interesting tho i did find the top floor quite eeirie (think i spelt that right) wanted to get down into the area with the giant spitfire hanging from the ceiling as i felt earlier in the night that could be an interesting area tho once there felt quite tho was quite late by then and the whole team was starting to feel tired so maybe was not enough energy by then for spirits to manifest tho saying that still got audio and video evidence to go through and already found 1 EVP in that area which we believe in reverse says something like tell me first which could have been a reply to the form of questioning being used by Grant in that area.



Candi - Co-Founder of G.S.S


It was very interesting night,  I personally have never been so scared in my life.  I dont whether it was because the location was soooo diferent and with full size manakins it really made you think they were moving,  I was very sure one of them did move.  Myself and Mark felt uneasy on the top level and we felt very cold at the same time.   It was nice to meet up with the other teams and a big thankyou to them for arranging the event.  


Generally the whole weekend down in Essex was a really good experience.   An experience the whole team would like to make again :)

Nuclear Bunker - Essex 18/05/13

EVP'S from the investigation - we are still reviewing footage


Team View- Here are the summaries from the other team members