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Main report by Craig Jones s.a.c dip (parapyshcology)- GSS Lead Investigator -


Had the great pleasure to visit 'Great British Ghosts' The New Inn with friends SIPP,  an experienced group of people who have been around for 20+ years.  Incredible.  I have to say hats off for that commitment and dedication.


Im going to keep this report very brief.  


We had a great circle to start the night off.   I will say though the night seemed pretty quiet after that.  


I even tried a new show and tell experiment on the ghost box,  which at the time seemed abit hit and miss but in the end after reviewing i found some interesting results in the audio.


I did also have the pleasure of investigating the attic area where i took an interesting picture a long time ago using a full spectrum camera.  Whilst up there i tried recreating the photo but i had nothing near the odd photo i took about 5 years ago.


the Video from the night in question.... please listen with headphones.

The New Inn - February 2015

Video & Audio


we are still reviewing footage


The visual and audio here was reviewed by the GSS team

The music used in the video was also created and written by Craig Jones.


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