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Main report by Craig Jones s.a.c dip (parapyshcology)- GSS Lead Investigator -


Had the great pleasure to visit 'Great British Ghosts' The New Inn and wow what a fantastic night.   A few of the team had been to this location and it is here where Craig caught two very interensting photo's on his full spectrum camera.  So it was fantastic to go back with the GSS team.


Tony our host was brilliant and was very very helpful he also was very interested in what we were doing and asked if he could be a part of it.  So with Tony and the team we focussed on an area that myself (Craig) Grant and Candi have had alot of activity from previous investigations.   In truth we spent the entire evening in that location.  Which was the main tree tops dance floor and the basement (which is directly underneath the dancefloor).  


The reason we stayed there was because we had activity and in our opinion if you are getting things stick with it.  We built up energy and we were getting responses in the forms of taps, bangs, ghost box replies and the more disturbing face transformations.   (more about that later).


Craig & Alan setup the equipment while the rest of the crew had a walk about with Tony.   Upon returning we split the team into two,  Aaron, Mark,Matt, Alan and Tony went down to the basement,  Craig , Candi, Jojo and Grant stayed above on the dancefloor.  We attempted a ghostbox session,  but we timed questions and answers and directed with to a walkie talkie,  enabling the group upstairs to hear the question and response.  This was to keep the other team in the loop but also to see if we hear difference over the walkie talkie.   Spirits are known to effect electronic devices and manipulate sound.   It was proving to be a good experiment as both teams although not together could both add questions and justify what they thought they had heard.  Aaron and and Mark took lead in asking questions.   They all heard things and felt uneasy down in the basement.   Also at one point Aarons face had changed.  After that Aaron really seemed jumpy so we thought it was a good time to swap.  Just before we went down Grant has something on his mind a word that he had picked up,  he kept this to himself until we proceeded down to the basement.


Craig, Jojo, Grant and Tony went to the basement and Mark, Aaron, Candi, Alan and Matt stayed upstairs monitoring the questions on the walkies.   Craig also decided to swap the ghostbox SB-7 and use a older version.   Whilst down there we also experienced an uneasy feeling and had some good ghostbox sessions.  Also Craig's faced altered as well to some sinister smiling thing which was confirmed by Grant, Jojo and Tony. All these experiences are captured in the below video.  So have a listen usually i go into more detail about what we found in this report but i want the video to show case it.


It's my mission not to ram paranormal belief down your throat, everybody has their own decision to make about anything we post on here and more importantly about the paranormal world in general.


We do review things as a team as much as we can and the members who went through this discussed our opinions before deciding what we thought the replies where,  also the mist at the beginning we searched for a similiar shot later in the video to see if it was a shadow panning from the camera.   We did have pretty much th e same shot but nothing similiar to the mist decipating upwards.  It's odd,  but i wont go so far as to say it's 100% paranormal.


Hope you enjoy part 1 of the review...... and  a huge thanks for Tony for allowing us to spent the night at a very good location.  Pleasure to have Tony join in as well.

The New Inn - 04/09/14

Video & Audio Part 1-


we are still reviewing footage and will submit part two next week.


The visual and audio here was reviewed by the GSS team

The music used in the video was also created and written by Craig Jones.


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