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Main report by Craig Jones s.a.c dip (parapyshcology)- GSS Lead Investigator -


Alan asked about using his ghostbox,  so i decided to give him some pointers,  on the night it was fairly quiet, but it gve me the opportunity of showing Alan

how to use some audio software to help him listen more clearly to audio.


I also purchased the echovox 3 from friend and developer spiritvox  - Danny Bigbeard.


The session was very interesting.


Here are some replies from that session.


We also video'd the session.  I always try to not force paranormal belief,  you as individuals have the right to believe or not.


I have tagged in text to give you my opinion of what i hear,  you may hear something else...but myself and Alan on the night both  heard what we later reviewed.


Please listen with headphones :)

EchoVox test



The visual and audio here was reviewed by the GSS team

The music used in the video was also created and written by Craig Jones.


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