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Recent News

April 2021-


Wow - been along time since i took to the website, bit naughty of me.  Lots of changed,  the mission of GSS was to help people with strange goings on at home or in peoples lives regarding the paranormal or supernatural.  I often found that side to it seems very quiet.  So venturing on investigations around pubs and other paid for events seemed the only way to base most of our investigations.  Then.... Covid.  So during this time I got promoted in my paid employment to a manager and life has been purely about work.  The hobby/passion has took abit of a sideline.   over the last 3 years i was making equipment and doing courses to keep involved.  I created the Indigo box which is purely for use with home hauntings and will run a numbers of tests (by itself)-  not fully field tested but getting there.



May 2017


Ok,  to be frank I have kept my online presence to minimal whilst i work on small projects.  One of those projects is getting various devices cased into one.   The other project is the alternative to the Portal app from Steve Huff.  Which i think they call the banshee which basically same components just a different amp.  I am still writing my book, which im trying to keep it to be a useful guide for everything from advice to setting up teams,  how to run events, investigations and general advice, downfalls etc.  It's everything.  It's a pretty big deal and trying to mix this all together is taking its time.  


Their has been some team changes i wont go into it,  but i feel it was the best solution to a long drawn out problem and i hope it enables some of the others to take a different path doing what they want to do.  I do plan to start running weekly tests on the SCD2 app from ghosthunter apps.  I am going to use this with the portal box and mix it with my homemade indigo box -  im happy with the components to the indigo box just not really happy with the design casing.  So if i do demo it... it's only a prototype.  


February 2017


Good to have another new member who has gave us a potential lead



February 2016


Went on a weekend at the manor house - was pretty cool - sadly the evening was pretty flat.  



January 2016


Ok firstly happy new year,  as of late i wont lie I have been having a few little personal problems going on,  as we investigators do live normal lives as well.. therefore, hence me not posting much.  This is just a note to say I will start getting things back on track and have some new things to report this year. So.... the advice.  'Write Blog' ...yes whilst performing a sound check on a ghost box and a new piece of secret mobile to ghostbox to speaker device.. (i say secret i will post it in the next investigation) I was trying to improve clarity and define the audio to be more precise, clear and also repeat.  The outcome was picked up during my test where in the same voice i heard... Write... [sweep]..... blog..... I know this particular message was not radio. If you use ghostboxes enough you should be able to know the difference.  I immediately knew that this message was to tell me to write a here it is.  First one of January 2016.


Sadly whilst updating the site to release 6, i lost my entrance movie ~ this is something i worked hard on to give it the big opening to the site.  It also has my wife saying G.S.S.s s s s etc lol she was not happy when i said it wont work on this version.  I could get it working again....but for now you get just the logo.  Over the last few weeks i have been trying to fix the CCTV system ready for the February investigation.  Sadly the main unit is a no go.  So i bought another and that should be arriving soon.  So just a very quick note to say yes im still here and watch this space!!!!


September 2015


busy,  reviewed most of the station investigation.  Been on a investigation at the Spirithouse so need to check that,  sorting out a big team weekend for GSS for February - involving a day of relax and fun and the next day a investigation at a manor.  Looking at the UFO scene recently and it seems to be a big topic nowadays,  their is more to our universe.  Also researched abit about CERN and their portal doorway,  sounds very very interesting but risky,  opening doors to parellel universe.  Usually stuff like that ends in chaos,  look at the film 'The Mist'  same principle.  CERN also have a logo with three 6's in it, and certain people have linked them as devil worshippers attempting to open hells gate. google it or youtube it there is a lot on there about it.




July 2015


Lol noticed i have not made any comments for while. My presence has been focussed on our facebook page.  Just had to renew my webpage also.  Sorry if it was down,  it's all about the money as jessie j says.


Quick update, getting harder to secure locations due to paranormal groups taking control of places.  Although i have one planned for August and one in September.  Both great locations and we were actually called in on one of them.  Which is nice as it shows we are known for something.... hopefully its the giving something back.  as i like to always give a findings movie and report to a location owner.  Starting to think about more people joining the team as it gets harder to always get our team members to be available, especially at short notice.  So im giving that some thought.


October -


I firstly have to apologies for my lack of online presence - (Craig) see im responsible for the website and updating it.  Recently the team took a break in september we got together and discussed possible investigations,  some new and some that took us back to the roots.  We went to the place where three of the team had been to more than once,  that place was the fantastic New Inn (as seen from great british ghosts).  We had the pleasure of going as GSS and wow we had a great night,  so much so that we never moved from the two rooms despite having more rooms to investigate.  Rule of thumb you get activity in a room stick with it.  Dont move on.  The team had a great night- im currently in the middle of writing a full report for it and the video/Audio has been partially reviewed. Some great finds too.  


We are going back next year with some fantastic paranormal groups & friends.


a few things I am looking into doing which i may make a feature on please do stay tuned in.  Also the review for the investigations should be on here next week.


Lots of paranormal movies coming out peeps - I love em.  We have Annabelle,  Jessabelle (i think), Ouija, Evil Within.



April -

Well indeed the team has been on a huge break, unfortunately for a few of us it's been like 'Groundhog day' the two co-founders have been in the process of moving house,  as you all know this is one of the most stressful times.  Yes indeed it has been stressful and has not left me (Craig) with any money or time to devote to my paranormal passion.  In truth I have really missed the investigations.  Im never fully away from it and always keeps tabs on the paranormal shows,  friends and groups and generally I have been reading more about cases involving demons and demonilogy.  I have to say the cases i have been reading about have been a very interesting read.


The studying of these cases are really so i can work out patterns witin paranormal occurances.  It does seems the more urgent cases talk of the gradual and pyscholocial game a said poltergeist would use.  However the cases relates to these entities as not poltergeist 'Noisy ghosts' which is technically what they are known as. Instead the people in the cases refer to them as demons of the lower order.  The situation plays that they would invoke three stages infestation, opression then finally possesion.  Infestations is usually the small build up of things.. you know the typical stages of poltergeist activity,  things moving,  footsteps, noises.  After a while of such activity an entity or entities would be able to establish who in the family to target and 'single out' so to speak,  i think it's to more work out the person who is most likely to be the weak willed person.  Once that person has been established the Opressive state moves into play where activity is more focussed on the invidual to almost single them out. it might be the activity is more unbearable and the idea of the oppression is either for the person to give up and make them surrender to a point where the entity can then enforce a possesion.  The cases explain possesion can be to control the human spirit or simply to cause them to injure of cause death to themselves or others.


Anyway when things finally move on and the team rally up we expect to get more involved and bring you more interesting pictures, EVP's and video's.






Taken a break for a little while as we have had lots of things going on.   I will say it. last year my wife did the bravest thing.  I cant say too much about it becuase it's personal.  Last year  we took a big group of people on a investigation, the day before the investigation she/we had some devasting news, but she didnt let those 30 people down and she troopered on and the day/night was a nice one which led on to meeting some great people.  the 2nd & 3rd of December is always a remembrance of this for me and my wife. So we always have a quieter time and also quite a reflective time around Christmas.


Also after talking to the co founders we decided that GSS is not a group that would class itself as a commercial group,  we dont do investigations with big public groups. (in fact the one of spoke of above was our last).  For us we like to focus on keeping things simple and being able to have reliable evidence.  If people out their do the Techy stuff you will know big groups are not easy when trying to determine sounds or visual.  So we stuck with being a private investigation team.  


We also decided to focus more on other areas of the supernatural for next year,  keep it simple, back to basics.  Less gear and more awareness.  




Had a strange phonecall from the citizen spoke to them for about two minutes - with the general consesus that i couldnt really help them as i was working at the time.  Next dat the general statements i made about genuine paranormal cases was tag into an article, hey ho,  i felt i delt with any response as accurately as i me the article was more people behaviours then paranormal cases,  I'm still a little annoyed that permission wasnt needed for them to use my name or my groups name in the article...but then again the press can be very very quick and abit pushey.  


some of the team popped to Woody,  we did have an interesting night,  a few good things happened and we were able to look into the ZOZO/JOJO picture and try and recreate it.  Two of us tried (and that was a week apart) we tried all sorts to get something similiar,  but nope.... we could not do it...So in my eyes...I will claim that photo as a little bit Supernatural.  Would be good to get a photographers opinion to see if we can rule out other things.



October -


Things getting better for G.S.S - and four investigations in the pipeline.



Team been lots of personal real life situations so been quieter recently.  I have been working on a webisode for the Skirrid Inn investigation,  it's taken me a hughe amount of time of editing, trying to keep things relevent as i dont like to bombard peeps with hours of meaningless video.  To me thats not the point of G.S.S.   I have however condensed the entire investigation into 30-40 minutes of relevent information.  Whether this be tips on investigations, a representation of what G.S.S are about and who we are.  Also the reveals to oddities are at the end.  


I do need to make some changes about G.S.S for next year- CJ



September -


The team went to the Skirrid Inn - Great place,  good investigation.  good plan the results on the night i thought were good.  Sometimes quiet but the reviewinghas brought out some interesting things up.



August - We did join Gloucestershire Paranormal Society on one of their investigations and we had a very good time,  though the heat on the night made in very draining.  Great location.


The team have some things to sort out in the next few weeks,  and hopefully beggining of September IT will arrive... a thermal camera.  P.s I bought a Parabolic microphone.  Craig (me) also passed my level 2 in parapsychology with Distinction grade so im am well happy about that,  i can also have letters after my name :).


I did the course to show my passion and also to show people I have done something to prove im dedicated to look into all aspects of the paranormal.  I will say though this does not make me an expert,  being an expert in the unknown and paranormal I would imagine to be very difficult.  I'm a normal guy,  I do what i do because i enjoy it,  i have the passion for it and people will see that im generally willing to help people regarding telling them what i know.  


Everyone has the right to decide and believe what they will.   For me the personal experience is needed to convince people.



July -  Had some team issues - due to some impact of peoples lives we have had to give some members a little break,  this is the reality of doing this,  we dont get paid to investigate we do it as a hobby and passion so if things get tough the team members can have a time out,  myself (Craig) also decided i have been spending lots of time of G.S.S so I am relaxing abit more.  I did buy a PX device,  this box is very very unusual and has gave us some very odd things to check.  



June - We did do a private investigation,  i think the owner did say we could publish something on the internet about our findings but we have decided to get confirmation first.  The video was really good and the team really did enjoy the investigation  :)



May -


Had a great time in Essex,  the Nuclear bunker was awesome.  Just a note we are currently experiencing problems with our video links-  Support has been notified.  Hopefully back soon!



April -


Since my last post I converted about 5-6 cameras and also come up with an interesting way to block out the flast but still give the light - you just dont visibly see it.


We also have a competition on at the moment where all you need to do is simply like our facebook page.


So go on,  you may win a Full spectrum camera.  Info about the competition is on the page.  We decided to do this because we wanted to give something back to our good followers and we plan to do this every three months.



Been doing lots, little projects involving equipment.  Always found converting digital cameras quite tricky,  video camera's are easier. After alot of fiddling and expirementing i finally converted another full spectrum Digital camera for us to use on investigations.  I'm quite happy about the results.  Gonna try and do some more for the team.


I have sent off one report for our private location in February which hopefully the owners will allow us to release some of the footage.  We still we keep the location private and un-named.


Another report has been prepared for our second location which will be emailed this week.  The team had been in quite a big discussion about a photo took at Woodchester in March showing what appears to be lettering off the light used from the camera.  It's quite unusual.  So we have tagged it here in the recent Video's section.


We have a private investigation set to do when we like and this one is a good one,  with the owners CCTV they have caught unexplained things happening already so for us it's a no brainer to try and work out why something is there and clearly letting everybody know about it.


The Team are also checking out a location in May so we are busy.  Not so much for the public to get involved in at the moment,  but we will promise to focus on a few things in the summer.




March -


Finally got round to putting the new review of Woodchester Mansion 2013 on the recent investigations page,  few changes to the team again and a pretty constant flow of private investigations has put the team under some very challengeing times, just sooooo much going on all at once. Still next Friday G.S.S are taken a small team of public with us to another investigation. Hopefully we will have an active time.




February -


G.S.S welcome four new members to the team Aaron, Jordan, Matt and Sally.  We have been busy,  two private investigations and the realtime EVP is making waves for us on the team.  More so as the majority of the responses are actually replying to questions we ask.  For example,  one question i asked was,  a new person has walked into the room can you tell me who this person is please.  The response was 'Yes......Grant'  which was correct.  Myself and Aaron heard this at the same time.  


We had a great time on both investigations but realised that equipment setup is taking too long and we need to overcome that.  As these are private investigations we cant really talk much about the place but we are definately going back - this time with Sarah :) who is feeling abit better.


We have another investigation planned for next week - struggling a little with the reviewing.  We dont tend to take on so much this close...but we are pushing to give the new members a good experience.





January -


G.S.S have two new sponsors - for me this is supporting our local businesses.  Word of mouth is important and both companies are awesome! Lovely people who take pride in their work.



New  video for you peeps to look at Recent video's our new EVP (realtime) expirenments.  Very interesting.


Shows some EVP's using the new realtime method - this method meant we could hear some of the responses on the night and tag them.  Very impressed with how it worked and we will be using it in the future,  we can also plug in 5-6 people into the same realtime track during investigation so they all hear through headsets and the same time - makes it great to collobrate what you hear.  On this video myself and Grant tested this out on the night and we both heard things.  So when people come with us in the future they can sit with a member of the team and be part of this.   Grant's also just had a very good about this,  will keep you posted when we have tried it!


Meeting with the team tomorrow, we also are talking to new members who are eager to join us.




GSS picked up an interesting video which we have sent to a friend to have a gander at.  We dont think it's paranormal (as not everything is) but we do want him to see if he agree's with us as to what it is.




New review posted in the recent INV tab above. The manor investigation 2. Also added a new link on the home page to just go straight to new reviews, trying to make things easier or our viewers.


Going to make some small changes to the website tomorrow.  Also Manor and Mansion review with EVP's and strange video's end of this week. Posted here!


Suffering from illness but landed a investigation this Friday...YEAH!!!!!!  




December -


The manor was awesome and we got's lots of good results from it.  Still going through it now to be honest.  


I will also like to welcome Mark to the group also.  Profile coming soon.


We have made some very big progress with a project so the new year will be exciting.


Plus the weekend i will post some evidence from the manor. Peace....