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The results from our investigation


First investigation fresh in the first week of January to our local Woodchester mansion  It was mainly a task of getting the new team together and establishing a link – what works well etc.  Try new equipment and methods and generally gelling as a group.


I feel the team Gel well,  new equipment is our 8 channel CCTV system which we quickly learnt cabling is abit of a health hazard.   Although we were impressed with the scope this gives the team regarding monitoring corridors and staircases.  We saw countless amounts of orbs.. but we had to put 90% of them as dust.  Some though acted very odd and looked pretty big.  


Candy and Taz took Sean and Mark are newest members around on a tour.  Whilst Alan and Craig setup some equipment.  It was getting on 10pm before the equipment was ready.


Taz, Candy, Mark and Sean reported that they had picked up a lot of activity so good start to the night.  We needed to meet Grant outside the mansion for which some of us opted to walk to the gate.  It was a very odd night – no stars. Complete pitch black and the walk was long and without a torch would have been impossible.  We meet Grant and we drive back to the mansion.


Equipment ready,  we split into two teams to see if that would help get things going but the night remained fairly quiet.  


Grant and myself did get an intelligent reply from our simple counting – Grant would count 1,  long pause I would say 2,   long pause he would say 3. Long pause…on the real time evp (listening in with our headphones we both heard a reply of 1 2 3 4.  We both heard it at the same time due to the audio splitter capable of allowing 5 headphones to listen to the same audio track.  


We know it was not the acoustics of the room as the replies were a lot quicker but also not the same tone or reply.  Myself and Grant both called different numbers therefore of vocal tones would be different if an echo.  We both knew it was not an echo.  We reviewed this with the rest of the team and they all said they could hear the 1-2-3-4 voice but with another word after, i think it said ' 1 -2-3 new spirit or with spirit'


In the kitchen Alan myself and Grant tried questions in there but we had hardly any response though Alan did say he heard a Woman say something.


Here are some interesting photo's - not going to say they are paranormal but the orb was taken outside,  mediums usually say a spirit orb contains a face-  I could sort of make one out when i zoomed in,

see here below.  The other photo shows some mist approaching Sarah - not a first for the GSS team at Woodchester mists are often said to be a form of manisfestation, it's not compelling enough to say this is a paranormal encounter.



Woodchester Jan2013

orbfaceWoodyJan2013 mist

Here are some audio and video clips


Please note the video showing the corrider, the team did discussed this alot,  we know no one was near the camera at the time.  Did some research on this and it does look like some sort of cobweb. Which must of been trapped on the wall which blows free at the time of this capture.  


To confirm we asked Chris if he had experience something like this before, he said he had seen something similiar before but he also agreed this is probably a cobweb.  So nothing paranormal but still thought it was interesting to put on here to demonstrate that we do really look at these types of events carefully.  Ultimately you as the viewer decides :)