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The results from our investigation



It dawned on me that I have been abit busy and never got round to posting a summary of the manor investigation.  


This was a public event for G.S.S and it did prove that with our small numbers (ie team of 5) it was ambitions to feed the guests as well setup equipment.  Wish we had the other 4 members of the team with us, but sadly they had plans.


Craigs presentation was shortened to just go over some rules and explain some of the basic equipment.  We tried not to be too controlling so groups decided they wanted to stick with friends.  Which gave G.S.S the opportunity to work together rather than split into the public teams – which we usually do.  To start with we worked as a big group to try a Ouija session and glass divination.  It seemed that both experiments had some form of contact.


When G.S.S worked together we also had three members of the public with us.  Throughout the night we found the K2 was responding after questions.  Some interesting photo’s had been captured by Sean and Taz.  It seemed contact was made with a young girl.  Also a man which had a dark secret also seemed to be present.  Sean was spooked by something in the corrider – he said something came at him.  He was a little confused by it,  but it would seem before Seans reactions we picked up a EVP of a man saying ‘you let me in’.  Our medium in the group had picked up on many names and events including a soldier or war, a man that had a love affair which was instructed to kill a child.


The brilliant thing for me to report is the EVP’s actually tie in the mediums work.  We had an EVP of a old man saying ‘Theirs no war here’ (regarding the soldiers/war).  We also had EVP’s about the man when questioned about did he kill the child we had a response of ‘I did it’ then when ask if he felt any guilt we had a reply of ‘no no no no nooo’.  EVP’s for this event was off the scale.  


It was also at this event I discovered a new way of realtime EVP.  I actually heard a reply in realtime – my discovery was by accident. Further testing of this method has proved successful and therefore I will be adopting it for future investigations.  


As ever G.S.S are open with evidence – (with consent) so the EVP’s had been posted on our private facebook group.


My overall conclusion for this event was all the groups had some form of paranormal event whether it be noises,  Ouija communication and conditions passed on by spirit.  I had the overall feel that the place didnt seem to have the same nice feel about it as my last investigations there.   In fact i saw a shadow person earlier in the day whilst setting up.  When the investigations was finished there was alot of banging from the Attic...despite the CCTV not seeing anything causing it.



                                                                                                     Here are some of the EVP's caught on the night.

Manor House