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Woodchester Mansion.  A Place that is just so grand and different to normal locations. To make it even more special, Chris opened up a new section for us which was huge. I was just expecting one room.  Chris, fairplay everytime I go I have to say he’s very helpful and to spend his evenings attending to paranormal groups on extremely cold nights, I tip my hat off to him.  So thankyou Chris.

We decided this visit should just be a team only event as we have done the last three with public,  so this was more a team building exercise and new trailout Sean’s moment to be part of G.S.S.   We all started in the base room. Usually we get the kit out and setup etc but we decided to just walk around and build energy.  Chris said about opening up the new area so we walked with Chris to this new location. I was expecting one room but got about three new floors with 5-7 rooms. One was believe to be an alter. I asked Chris to show Sean round and give him the guided tour to learn abit about the building.  I was leading in front heading back to the baseroom.  I shown my light to the door way to see what appear to be the tailing end of a white robe or dress, if it was a normal person it would have been wondering around in the pitch black.  I paused,  the solid shape, which seemed to crease to show it was material then shot out of sight.  


I asked everyone else did they see it.  No one else did.  Four of us pursued whatever it was.  We had the feeling it went up the large staircase when we stopped and listened at the bottom of the stairs we picked up on a foul rotting smell. We heard scurrying around…I shouted out upstairs.  We heard a woman murmur then reply.  Then more footsteps then a loud door slamming.  We went up the stairs and on the floor near the bathroom,  we all clearly heard a woman talking then sort of whimpering.  It sounded like it came from the back of the bathroom..  We panned round the area and found nothing!

I mentioned to Chris regarding this and he has had reportings of a lady in White.  Usually Spirits are said to be negative when foul smells are detected.  Im not so sure on this particular occasion my gut feeling is saying this is a lady in true despair and sadness which might explain the foul smell.  When Chris & Sean came back they had also had experiences. (something following them).

Anyrway after a break we decided to protect and ground ourselves then set up the equipment – CCTV, Full spectrum video camera clamped, 3 Infrared Cameras,  one normal camera observing a laser grid,  UV cannon light with Full spectrum auto timed Nikon camera.  Alan trialled out his experiment (sound wise).  Multiple Dictaphones around different locations.  Efield, ghostbox etc.  All took abit of time to put in place.   Once we were done we focussed on moving round as a group again and build up energy.  First place we choose was the basement.  It wasn’t long for us to pick up so audible responses to our questions.  We did all take it in turns to ask out. Our replies appeared to be responses in the tapping form.  It also sounded a very prominent single tap.  It was near Ken & Sean.   This was great.  We also tested the ghost box in the room and also picked up our names being repeated,  Bishop was also said about 4 times.  All was good but we decided to split up and test out other area’s throughout the night we did get different activity.  Grant said they heard the woman having a proper discussion to herself.  Alan and Sean had reported seeing a figure but also were told to ‘shhhh’ whilst up near the altar.

Candy opened a board session and we had a relative that came through for Sean.  It also spelt out something which did seem to upset him.  It seemed a significant message and one we didn’t understand but Sean filled us in at the end.


The end of the night most descended back to the basement where tappings on walls were being repeated,  but the responses seemed in different locations. Overall we had an active night- I have already checked my photos and nothing abnormally on them, though Candi had some interesting ones.  I still have to check the video and audio,  Alan and Sean have picked up a few things picture wise and audio.  Grants checking the laser grid camera. Im also getting the opinions of the team to add to the report – think I’ll call that the TEAM VIEW. - Craig.


Team View:


Grant Wiseman: Hearing the voice (female)at the top of the stairs but noone there,also like sean the tapping from the celler where we asked to repeat the missing taps in the sequence!


Alan Wellington: awesome right from the off set all electrical equipment going haywire and experiencing the new area (The Brewery) sean also forgot to mention we both saw something up there that coulda been an apparition as we both saw a light mist type shadow walk past a window in an empty room and as for the tapping in the celler that was awesome in a major way.


Seany B Wilson: My first investigation and it was awesome, footsteps following me down the cellar stairs a disembodied voice telling me and Alan to shhh and the tapping in the cellar was brilliant and exciting.


Ken Harris & Debbie Harris: After Craig spotted a moving figure of some kind, we made our way along the corridor to the main stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs we could hear some strange noises which could have been a ladies voice but not sure. A very strange and unpleasant smell was also present.  We identified that no-one had let wind in the group consisting of myself, Deb, Craig and Grant.


When on my own in one of the main corridors,  I could hear fast walking footsteps upstairs across the wooden floor boards.  To me it seemed like ladies heels.  My camcorder was on at the time but when playing back the film sequence, the footsteps had strangely been replaced by interference i.e. hissing noises.   Later on similar footsteps were heard but we now feel this may have been caused by Alan who had hard shoes on.   This had been clearly demonstrated when walking around near us later.


I also felt something was to my left whilst at the top of the stairs to the cellar.  Deb took photos of me from the bottom of the stairs.  One of these photos clearly shows a small bright object above my head to the left (photo attached).   This particular object is not to be seen on any other photograph taken in the same sequence.

Lastly, some interesting knocking could be heard down in the cellar.  Sean, Grant, Deb, Alan and myself witnessed these events.   We conducted a series of knocks on the wall asking spirit to complete the pattern.  It was quite clear after a pattern of human knocks, further knocks called be heard.  Admittedly they were not loud but nevertheless they were knocks.  We could not identify where the sound was coming from, although most of the knocking could have been generated from one particular room.

Even though we didn't see anything of significance, it was a very interesting investigation.

Woodchester Mansion 02/11/12

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Below is a photo taken which shows what looks like a face appearing from a door. Problem is that is a window on the 4th floor with nothing behind it - also no doors are on that floor at at!

EVP's Part1 brigtherpicoffacecopyright

More to come in this section as we have more photo's, videos and EVP's to come!!!!!