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It had been abit of a manic day for us,  Craig took a half day due to speaking to our local media which he and Candi gave a loose review about what we do and why we do it,  which generally our message was we are a bunch of friends pursuing our hobby, we all have had our personal experiences and we want people to understand that there is more out there,  we open our evidence as more a question,  is this something?


We also needed to pick up team tshirts for Sarah & Alan,  then onwards to get the G.S.S phone covers.  From that equipment check and storage clearance. Grant and Sarah arrived and off to the Ram.


We arrived at the Ram Inn at the slightly earlier time than normal due to the media’s photographer meeting us at the location. Alan was already on location with his guest.   We quickly got used to our surroundings and greeted our friend John Humphries who was feeling abit under the weather so he said tonight he wont be showing us around,  huge shame as John info on the building is great.  

We started to set up equipment and wait for our guests – which included Sarah from Australia (West Sydney Paranormal),  we explained abit about the building and decided to split into two teams – at the this point both K2 meters kept randomly going off.  Sarah, Alan & Grant took the 2 guests upstair and Craig and Candi stayed downstairs with their 2 guests.  Craig and Candi used lots of audio equipment and a K2 to get communication.   Craig mainly called out but after a while decided we should all ask a question one by one,  one of our guests seem to get a response on the K2 meter when she asked a question.  We then used the Franks box (ghostbox) and heard a few keywords (LUCY, MARY & POISON),  


We then moved to the barn,  but seemed to experience nothing in there.


Eventually we swapped with the other team and moved upstairs,  the bishops room seems quiet – though we had some team banter in there which always lifts vibrations in the room.  We switched to the Witches room and got some K2 readings.  Our guests then took the K2 meter and went up to the attic-  When I studied the video of myself and Candi in the witches room there appeared to be lots of Orb activity,  I have always been undecided on orbs as it could be dust, insects or maybe spirit.  – one of them seems different to the normal orb.  As it pulses in and out of view whilst moving.  Our guests reported the staircase landing seem to be an electromagnetic hotspot…which we also found the attic had a pathway of a constant three bar reading on the K2,  (this could be wiring) strange thing is when the other team went back up to the same place later that evening the K2 registered nothing.


Nearing midnight we thought we try the Ouija board in the witches room.  Sarah radio’d up and ask us if the other guests could join us.  So Alan,  Candy myself took the four guests and attempted communication.


We instantly picked up on our family connection Joan.  This is not unusual.  However Candi asked her to go respectfully. Where as is good to have communication we wanted to speak to spirits of the building. That’s what happened we had a strong connection,  I still go be the fact that the board is intensified when Candi is present.


A spirit come through and we communicated with this spirit for over 2 hours.  Candi couldn’t help think if it is stronger with her, then could it be her influencing the answer,  so she came up when an amazing idea which meant she could still be part of it but not have a her finger on the glass.  The connection was still strong.  We did get loads of information from the spirit called Arthur a stone mason who worked for the Church and lived in the barn in the Ramm,  who lived with many in the barn.  He was protecting the children there – as many had been sacrificed for rituals – the ground underneath was used as a burial ground.  we picked up he may have been disabled,  when asked what, the spirit replied with ‘you already know’,  and yes Craig did, his leg.


We also picked up on a love interest which was a lady called Lucy…although he did say she did not love him.  Craig explained he felt a spider go up his arm, but Arthur quickly stated that Mary (a child) was tickling his arm.   He said that most of the children here were happy and they loved the toys John leaves,  


Another question was asked ‘did they used to talk to spirits in those days’ and the response was witches.  Although he perceived them to be bad.  It did seem when we asked about certain questions we could sense a slight anger so we stopped and ask new questions for example we asked how he passed on,  he said it was not natural,  was not killed,  Craig then worked something out..  he asked was he poisoned.  (which most people would expect Killed was the same… but I think it meant not killed by hand of person.  We had to stop the line of questioning.  Also when we spoke abit about Mary we also had to focus our questions elsewhere.  We ended up having a very good connection with the spirit but after 2 hours he wanted to go,  so he said goodbye.  The team then close the board session.  Craig Then realised, that something had linked with the boards communicate which collaborates some evidence.. downstairs earlier in the night we used the ghostbox and the clearer messages that came through which sounded different from the normal (also this ghostbox had a protective Tin round it to blocks out Radio stations.) Those keyswords as previously mentioned was Mary – the spirit girl Arthur mentioned tickled Craig’s arm,  Lucy which was Arthurs love interest & Poison which is how Arthur sadly lost his life.  People may suspect this may have influenced some of the board sub-consiously but you really needed to experience being there to understand stuff was going on.. plus the K2 meter placed next to the boards was giving off high levels of EMF especially when the energy was building up …like moving the glass round in a circle.  


Very interesting session and Sarah (WSPR) was very impressed with the board communication.  


We all decided after this to let the spirits rest and met up to talk over the summary, Grant and Sarah had an interesting theory about the Ram but I will remain silent on it to see if further investigators have a similar thought. – im hoping Alan, Grant or Sarah can write a report to explain their experiences being on the other team.

Checking through the evidence -  gone through 1 hour of video and found 6 moving orbs also heard some EVP’s.  My ghostbox session also picked up on ‘Ask John’, ‘Save the Ram’ and ‘Rammmm Innnn’  Still lots more to go through which will be shown as videos in the next 2 weeks,  the 2 Video’s already made will be uploaded later.

The Ram Inn 191012

Video of Orbs Video of EVP's DSCN7869