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This was G.S.S first time meet with NLPI,  we all turned up to Woodchester at 20:06pm.  It was already dark by then.  We meeted & greeted Mickey and Lou.   Then headed down the long & particularly bumpy road – through a very spooky forest – just the travel down to the mansion adds to the atmosphere.  Eventually you come to a clearing and there stands the mansion.  Fantastic looking building and it certainly gives you the creepy factor.


We all parked up and moved equipment inside.  Mr Howley took people round on the tour of the building.. G.S.S and NPLI set up equipment.  


Mickey gave the team brief and divided people into groups.  Craig, Alan (our guest) and Grant decided to take the upstairs floor.  Candy went to the celler with a member of Vicky from NLPI.  


Craig & Grant took the top floor of the building – a floor that we have experienced previous strange events.  Craig placed an infrared motion light at the top end & EM Pulse machine (to generate energy).  We then set up the opposite end of the corrider and used a full spectrum camera,  a laser grid, a infrared video camera (with a infrared light- which lights up the entire corridor). Grant took the base temperature reading and Craig measure the high and Low level sound.  


It took around 15 minutes but after a few generic questions we started to noticed some funny lights.  The light seem to be coming from the ceiling…but there are no light sources up there, the light also fluttered up the corrider.  I even double checked with Chris regarding the lights.  He confirmed there are no lights up on that floor other than the floor lights, which did not illuminate.  We did also hear a few grumbles.  We made sure radio contact confirmed others were not moving tables, shutting doors.   To confirm the noise was not man made.


Other experiments included trigger objects we used a toy, a French coin,  English penny and some crosses.  Craig also come up with an idea regarding Baloons and glow sticks…blow up the balloon and push the glo stick into the balloon..the glo stick acts as a seal…but also gives the balloon a stand.  He lined up three down the corrider and asked a spirit to move them.  We then left that area alone.  We also placed one balloon in the fireplace,  the fireplace and room was sealed well,  so hardly any drafts to effect it’s movement.


Candy had reported the K2 and Infrared motion light was going off in the cellar when we met up for a break.  We decided to work with Candy and try the Ouija board. Craig also put out his home project which was a glow in the dark dowsing board… the crystal was suspended from rods and was in the centre of the board.  The hands off approach didn’t seem to work and nothing seemed to move the crystal.  (Craig still thinks the potential for this will be better tested at the Ram Inn.)


Through the board we had a relative for Candy called Joan who is with us every investigation and always communicates through the board,  and something else (though we suspect this to be a guide) which was to give Candy confidence about her path and to believe her powers.  The board only seem to respond to Candy,  which made her very paranoid about what people thought about this. (Though I believe being a wiccan I think she is the catalyst for the communication through the board), Whislt doing this a stone was thrown from a great height landing next to Craig, the angle of where it came from seem as though it was deliberately thrown at Craig. We all heard the stone hit the floor near Craig but we could not find the stone.


Candy was getting a lot off answers from the board but she was very keen to get new people on there to see if further communication could be obtained. She gathered 5 people from the NLPI group and using the energies of those people the board did communicate,  from what I observed the board did open up family communications.  


Craig, Grant and Alan moved down to the cellar but got nothing down there.


It had gone 4am so thought it was sensible to pack up and check the trigger objects.  None of the objects had moved on the paper.   However the balloon objects, difficult on this one,  on the top floor the first balloon had completely come off the glow stick and was near the wall – pity we did not have a camera on this L.   Also the balloon in the fireplace was on the opposite side,  when Mickey radio’d in during the evening to ask if we had put one in the fireplace he confirmed it was on the right hand side – that was a good 3 hours after placing it by the end of the night this balloon hade moved to the left hand side (no drafts should have been able to get to it through the sealed fireplace)  so that is quite odd.


During the middle break Mickey did report some zig zag light anomalies in the basement and when he asked about an EVP and replayed it we heard a strange scream, which seemed very loud and ethereal. Definitely something none of us heard whilst carrying out the investigation.


Reviewing the evidence – unfortunately we have no video to show the strange lights we saw on the top floor- despite the camera filming – we can only but this down to the use of Infrared filming – if we used a normal camera filming in the dark perhaps we could of shown people what we saw.  Normal camera stills have shown some nice photo’s but nothing strange or supernatural.  The video’s-  I have heard some strange noises but nothing visual.  The Dictaphone recordings.  I checked about 1hr and 30 mins and have been able to extract some EVP’s which have been posted in the video section of the website or youtube  A few facts have been pointed out to me by Alan (our guest that evening) one was the ‘Stupid Man’ reference was also spelt out on the board session upstairs whilst we were down in the basement recording.  Alan has also confirmed he has also got this EVP and the ‘Templar Building’ on his audio recordings, which is good as it shows the noises where indeed audible and not just interference on a particular Dictaphone.


Lots more audio to go through and also ghostbox recordings – I placed the ghostbox into a tin to block out the unwanted radio interference.  This should hopefully be able to give me just voices.  I have listen to it and already have heard some voices so I will put them through audacity and see if they are relevant.  Overall good investigation.. for such a big building i think you want more from the spirits that reside there but ghost hunting is all about patience, respect and commitment. I think the audio we obtained from there is good enough to use as evidence, but hopefully the audio i have not reviewed will reveal alot more.

Woodchester mansion