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The results from our investigation


Firstly when you here the location there does seem to be a lot of mixed reviews.  From my recent personal experience I thought the location is such a treat, a building still standing which dates way back.  John Humphries was also a legend,  very helpful and also appreciated the likes of ‘Ghosthunters’ looking at his home stating that investigators have put the place on the map and that’s whats kept the building going.  


Anyway details – 5 G.S.S team members present with 8 invited guests to join us on the investigation.


We arrived at 9pm and went round to the back of the Ram Inn,  First thing I noticed was about three doors,  I didn’t really know which one to knock so I tried them all.  John answered the door and greeted us all.  He spoke about his encounters with incubus and mentioned (in not so much detail) about the other spirits found by other ghosthunters.  John went room by room and told us facts about the history and the oddities of the building.  He told us about the highwaymen and also performed his ritual for opening the bishops room.


John is avid collector so his house was stocked out with interesting furniture and items. When I was walking around I couldn’t help but think the place must feel so mixed.   Negative energies and good etc.  Old  artifacts cant also give off vibrations,  for example a over a thousand year old table etc, the building itself, the spirits within. I did feel pretty lightheaded.


Once we had all had a walk around we all sat by the fireplace and discussed the evening and how we want it to go.  We felt the need to do lots of protection as two female sensitives picked up on an energy straight away curious about what we were doing.  Ken starting off with a protection prayer, I did a visualisation prayer & candy went outside to perform a protection spell.  


Craig asked every member if they felt any sensations and also asked them which room did they not feel comfortable in.  Craig then explained a little about ghost hunting and equipment etc.. also said to be aware of mirror reflections and noises from floorboards etc.  Ken and Debbie went with 5 guests and headed to the Witches room.  And I setup some equipment in the bishops room with three guests. Candy stayed downstairs (alone) taking photo’s,  After a short time I started seeing orb like shapes flying past.  I left my full spectrum video camera – rolling in that room.  After a while Candy had shouted down and asked me to look at some pictures. See pointed out a shadow by the curtains (doorway).  I looked at it first and thought perhaps it’s her shadow reflecting back.  Studied it for a while with Grant… we did notice that Candy shadow is visible to the right of the picture.  This shadow is to the left.  Almost like someone was behind her.  She was on her own downstairs.  The other obvious observation is the shadow had no outline of any hair. (my wife has lots).  You also could see the ear outline…you can’t see my wife’s ears (hair covers it).  I then said how about all three of us stand around that area and take photo’s,  you can clearly see Candies shadow and I stood where she took the photo… candies shadow did silhouette her hair.  So from doing this…. We can only conclude that something/one was stood behind her. (spooky).. I then told her she is not to be alone from that point.  Candy joined the people in the Bishops room.   Funnily enough Grant had said when they left the bishop room to check candies photo the light turned itself on.  So early signs of activity already.  Craig decided to join the group in the witches room.  


Craig asked the team what had been going on.  Ken said he and a few members had felt a presence in the room and asked if I would stand in the corner and let me know if I felt anything… I didn’t at that…but I did pick up how incredibly warm I was. My friend Lee was also feeling the same. After abit of questioning I pulled out the K2 meeting. (the first time I popped into this room to check everyone was ok – the K2 when crazy).  Now I joined the group I gave it another go…at first it was a steady.  On a few occasion it moved.  Ken seemed to think the spirit did not like men so we ask Lee to move across to he did the K2 went crazy.  So ok I thought,  that could be something on Lee causing it.  So I asked Lee if his phone was on (also enquired about WIFI as that does effect K2 meters.)  so he got his phone out (cus when he was next to us the K2 went normal) we waved it about..and nowt happen.. I then asked Lee to go back where he was and approach us again (to simulate a replay of what happened) if normal the K2 will react the same way…however on this occasion the K2 did not react.  From then on we got K2 meter reading… for answering questions.


Also when I threw in some humour & friendly ‘Banter’ as I call it to Ken.  The K2 seems to responds more. Upon questioning whether it liked the humour the K2 went to red.  I also noticed the K2 was doing a strange pattern going from High, to low, to middle, back to high, to low, to middle but in a very slow pace almost patterned.  I had not seen it ever do that usually reads from low to high. It did this sequence a few times in the evening.  


We also heard some movement outside but after asking if someone from the other group was there… we never got any replies.  The K2 after a while seems to Dim…almost like it was going out. I went to check it. I think I may have said to put the light on.  As I turned round to where I was stood,  just next to Ken (who was sat) I noticed there seem to be another person stood.  I only saw it for a few seconds, but I saw a lady with dark hair it was pushed back (and it looked like the back of her hair had the static effect) she was wearing a dangley dress,  the colours I saw were mainly white, grey and black…in fact that’s how I summed her up dangley… looking like she was staring at the person in front.  The eyes looked black. I was analysing what I saw and asked everyone ‘Did they see that’.  I explained what I saw. It was literally for a second or two…like a flash.  Just after this happened one of the guests felt something touch her face (hand) then the K2 meter went crazy again.  We did get the sense that whatever spirit was with his was filtering between the groups. We decided to take a break.


At which point I decided to join the other group and venture into the barn.  A table was placed at the back. The flooring in the barn was pretty unstable so different pieces of wood was placed around.  6 of us sat at the table,  we held hands and tried doing the power chant- which is saying the elements together… this is to raise energy.  We did start to hear some odd sounds and on a few occasions the people at the end of table could see things moving by the door.  It seems difficult to concentrate a chant with the movement and noises and one member of the team was petrified which started to unease everyone else.  Quick check with the flashlight reveal nothing there.  So we carried on with a power circle. (a visualisation technique to build energy).  We started noticing the hall light turn up then dimmed…then turned on again that total darkness…..we heard some heavy creaking by the doorway… at this point the flashlight was at the doorway…we will all anticipated someone to walk through..two of us shouting out who’s there…no response…then… in the middle of the barn… you heard some very heavy footsteps and creaking on the wooden boards… it was tense all of us felt like something was right in the barn.  I then called out ‘We are here to communicate in a positive manner, not to upset of offend you. Just a confirmation of you presence is welcomed”  with that something on the middle of the table made a noise..  I asked for the noise to repeat.. and it did.  We also used the K2 box and this responded to questioning again.  The same noise was made.  The hallway lights and more creaking started to happen and which point two of the members saw something off the ground move past the doorway.  Things started to quiet down so we had a drinks and some food then setup for the fireplace in the main room.


We decide as the time was 2am we will try a Ouija board,  John had one setup already which looked handmade but was a decent size for five of us.  Candy let the bed- we opened the board with protection first.  Then commence our questions.  We instantly picked up a contact.  A contact myself and Candy had felt before.  It was a very close relative of Candy who watches over her & our children see always makes herself known.  Unfortunately a member of the group said she was sceptical about the board which seemed to change the mood of the board, the result was changed to negative after asking the spirit to calm.. the glass then was thrown of the table smashing on the floor.  After we found another glass, the spirit was asked to leave.  We then established contact with another spirit,  the spirit use to work as a blacksmith making armour. Ps. We also heard cat moew not to us though no cat was seen? We also got a young girl called Mary who seemed to be playing games with us…then the last but definitely not least the ‘negative one’ I didn’t ask for a name on this one as I didn’t want to really make a connection.  It made the usual bad comments of swearing… telling us we were not welcome.  It was not very happy none of us were very scared.  It kept sending us bad messages,  we didn’t really ask it any questions as we did not welcome it. It kept moving the glass in the ‘8’ figure. I did ask it to leave, it decline and things did start to happen movement around us.  My motion light was knocked to the floor.  The mood in the room felt pretty nasty.  In the end Candy was able to ask the member to leave with a special prayer which seem to eradicate the identity.  We then closed the board.   The other group told us they also felt the mood change upstairs and a sensitive lady said she had a really hard time controlling what was there.  This is why we also choose to do one board with core team leading and controlling it.  It does give people the full experience.


Overall we felt the night was a huge success we did get activity in both groups,  Im still looking through the video and audio.. On the video alone I have noticed about 30 different pieces which need further review.  From Orb’s,  to voices to shadows etc.  Candies interesting shadow figure of a man (even though she was on her own) which is in the photo’s.  I know there will be lots of EVP’s to analyse.  

The Ancient Ram Inn