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The results from our investigation


Top room –

Stuart felt something touch his face – but rightly said it could be the fly in the room. When requesting a tap, three taps were heard by Craig on the concrete wall by the ceiling, Craig was aware of an energy in the room.


On second request for a noise we heard a strange almost like a swirling within a china bowl just behind the stone alcove  - no object could be found to explain it.


We also had lots of K2 activity responding to questions and the Dowsing rods showed answers for people. Craig had the name Anthony pop in his head  - he also saw a boy from before war time era – wearing a green uniform (yellow badge) he had blonde hair. And probably was around 6. The rods also said confirmed a yes answer to that name and gave us some answers.


Ouija had a message regarding protection for the group.


Bottom floor –  

Lots of K2 Reponses from questioning again.  Rods also had picked up on three different entities.


We had a lady come through,  the guests tried to guess what she was connected to (a person here, the house) the answers were no.  Craig then had thought that she was related  to the owner of the house,  Craig has the sense of the lady being a great grandmother  Both answer yes to having lots of no’s before.  Craig also asked if he named started with E.  the response was yes.  A guest tried guessing the name but got a no.  Craig asked if her name was Edith and the response was yes.  


We got a playful spirit that didn’t really want to talk to us much it’s responses did not give us any reliable answers.  Craig asked if it was playing with us, the answer was yes so we asked it to move on.


We also got a energy that was not a human,  not an animal, not a guide, not a guardian, not a negative.  Craig had a feeling it was a person that did not make it into life.  Then the group asked if it was an unborn child.  The answer was yes.  I then explain a unborn child grows up in spirit world. We noticed the K2 generally went off when the rods moved so thought perhaps the energy used by them caused it to go off.  A rustle was heard by the fireplace (at the top). Boom mic should have picked that up.  Our team remembered to tag events when they occurred to make them easier to find.


Dinning Floor –

Split the team into two – Stu leon, Lee and me tried a Ouija board to no success,  same with the other team.  We collectively tried a board and managed to get it going. Noticed the board used was very awkward and the glass felt resistance to the board.  Made contact with 'Joan' candies nan,  Craig decided to ask Joan about the spirits in the house, think joan said their were 8-9 spirits in the house. We asked about the little boys name and it spelt out his name to ensure it was the same name upstairs..Spelt out Anthony. Craig asked for the surname it spelt out Fredericks (which was the surname craig got in his head just before – he swears he did not influence the glass to spell out this though), Asked what year he was from it moved to 1937.  Craig asked for a description it spelt out blue eyes, blonde hair.  With that craig did get a clear picture of the boy and decided to draw out what he seen.  We stopped to move on just before Mark and Craig heard a little squeaky voice –which was tagged as an event on the Dictaphone.


Next floor we moved to the bedroom on the Second floor

Mark felt quite sick and felt something was pulling him back.   Craig thought he saw a shadow move through the centre of the room (however this was just a shadow of a member of the team.  K2 meter was going to Red often.  If their was an energy it was more a negative one.


Reviewing the footage – No odd full spectrum pictures . One possible CCTV camera oddity, No full spectrum video evidence found,  Infrared camera will have evidence related to K2, Audible sounds and information regarding names.  


Audio EVP's found (9 of them) some of these can be found on the media page. one is related to the cellars. (this was a reverse EVP).  


Also after the event I have gave the owner some of our findings and she revealed that other groups have had messages regarding the cellar (which gives the EVP credibility) also the little boy has been mentioned before.  So all in all good results.

Manor House