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Main report by Craig Jones S.A.C Dip (parapsychology) - GSS Co founder Lead Investigator


This was not a investigation ran by the team,  we were asked to go be fellow friends and group Gloucestershire Paranormal Society


Our team of four, started off in the room next to the dinosaur and what I can only call the freak show,  where we had various models of very odd looking beings.  We started off by protection and power circle, Craig started this and asked if people had any experiences,  it seemed clear that asking for assistance from guides gave everyone a sense of tingling, which for Craig said is a energy which has either come in or been created.   We asked out for the usual noises and responses but after a while felt like we were not getting much.


So decided to move into the smaller rooms,  Three of us popped to the office and one of the team remained in the big hall – round the corner and with the walkie talkie- Just to be on the safe side.


We conducted some short EVP sessions and on playback it was’nt long and Craig had picked up strange static voice – couldn’t really make it out but definitely was not heard by the group at the time.  We listened to it. A few times then continued with the PX device which happily did nothing then all of a sudden started giving us lots of random words.  Although our questions were direct and sensible,  the replies from the box could not be matched as decent replies.  But clearly an energy presence had triggered it into functioning as it was quiet for 15mins before.


Craig also felt something on his arm,  but put this down to possibly a fly.  Alan joined the office and we played the EVP ,  he noticed another voice before the EVP,  so we listened to that and established the word ‘Listen’  may have been spoken.  Also after asking for something to happen the camera Mark held did power down.  – Craig was able to power it back up again.  We also did have some K2 hits from this room.


We then decided to join up for a break with the GPS team and guest,  where Craig spoke about some odd UFO moments around Whiteshill in Stroud and generally had a discussion about locations. We felt very easy around GPS and it’s great to work with teams that we could see have passion. It’s was also nice to talk to various members and public about experiences.


The team of GSS then moved on to the tomb – and Candy joined the GPS team on the staircase – the tomb which contained a skeleton was a small drop down into as narrow tunnel.  Straight away we had some K2 hits,  but it was clear it could off been a mobile device (wireless signals can effect K2),  so they were switched off from that point.   We conducted EVP,  ghostbox and PX sessions down there.  The ghost box did come up with some responses which sort of suggested we were not totally welcome in that space.  Also upon entering myself and Mark both had a headache or striking pain along the forehead.   After some time we picked up a few responses on the ghostbox to suggest about leaving.   Then Craig suddenly felt a change of mood,  and asked the question are you effecting one of us (as at the time he felt whatever was there wanting us to feel something- he also felt his stomach feeling sick)  Mark then said he felt sick in the stomach,  which Craig then mentioned I asked the question as I felt that something was giving us a condition of something.  Whether it was picking up on a condition or the spirit simply trying to effect us in some way.  Listening back through the evidence the question I asked regarding are you trying to effect one of us seemed to reply with a  voice saying – ‘Mark’.  Also another EVP relating to a conversation about why the K2 was going off, was answered by an EVP saying ‘your near us’.


We had another break as the weather that day meant temperature had risen to 32 %C and it was hot in that confined space.


Alan ventured with the GPS team and on Janet’s good advice Craig, Mark and Candi went upstairs to the old gents toilets and tried our laptop realtime experiment where just after sitting down we heard a mans voice saying ‘overweight’.   Mark took against him and laughed,  after a few questions we also heard a voice saying ‘ok sunny'  we had been previously warned the spirit was a old pervy man.  Candy and Craig left mark on his own – with the walkie talkie,  for 5 mins upon returning Mark could hear drums,  Craig could also hear a drum.  This stopped.


We then joined GPS and guests and took a look down afterneath the boots ruins – Alan had found on his video a few screams,  which no-one seems to discard or notice – which mean they may have not been heard with the human ear.  It was a very interesting locations to look at.


GPS ran a very well organised event at a very exclusive location, we were proud to join them on this investigation.  So cheers Janets & fellow team members.


We can never guarantee the evidence we find is 100% paranormal,  we class these as simply odd findings that we cannot account for on the night.


Alan has also found some footage of what he thinks is an apparition moving from left to right,  I have observed this footage I do find it odd to explain, I did rule out my video and infrared light as it was stationery on the floor,  but as four people were in the room and on the video are mainly unseen you cannot account for their actions or whereabouts,  perhaps someone had move a flashlight or weaker IR light around,  could it be an insect,  they are attracted to light, and even though IR does not give off a beam of visible light it still gives a red glow on each IR light.  


It’s still very good observation work from Alan.  GPS and Alan featured in a few articles in our local paper.  G.S.S comment was we are still reviewing the video and Audio but cannot conclude it as paranormal at this time.  If the room was empty at the time then it would have been more harden to prove.


Here is the Article featuring Mr Wellington's find                                  < click this button


Also recently i added video 2 which shows a mixture EVP.  The 'I still remain'  is relevant as during my time donw by the remains of the skeleton i did ask if the skeleton being present keeps his spirit there.  So the reply could be related to my question.  Still you decide. :)

Gloucestershire Paranormal Society event at the Gloucester Museam August 2013

EVP'S from the investigation - we are still reviewing footage

Alans Video

Here's some audio oddities collected by Craig