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We are a small group of people dedicated in finding the truth.  Seekers of the truth.



G.S.S was formed so we could keep in touch with members to give advice, but also in the near future we hope to setup our own investigations and invite the public to come along with us. We use all sorts of equipment from infrared cameras to full spectrum camera's, dictaphones, dowsing rods, ghostboxes, motion sensors, ouija boards, EMF pulses, K2 meters and lots more.



We have spent quite a few years investigating homes, pubs & haunted places but our aim is to look into more wider aspects of the field which will include UFO's,  creature sightings and general odditidies.



The message for us is to show people something, it's human nature to doubt just as much as it is for them to want to believe but for us it's to give people the starting point, to show a good piece of video, audio and let them decide.



We hope you enjoy our website.  Images, & Videos have been copyrighted so please contact us if you wish to refer to any of our material.



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