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The first photo was taken at Woodchester recently,  the strange photo looks like a door with a face appearing,  the weird thing is that window has nothing behind it and there are no doors on that floor at all.



The shadow picture (4th) we actually DEBUNKED on our second visit to the Ram - but we like to leave it in to show people how easy it can be to think things are paranormal when they are not. Which is why revisiting a location is a good thing.  We also try to see if photos can be reproduced under the same conditions.  We saw the shadow straight away...still could not find the source which was casting it. Lol...but we deem it to not be paranormal.



seventh picture was in the same attic.  take a look at the thing behind the girl, notice the shadows the thing casts a big black shadow at the back (middle). Motion blur was what i thought this was at first, but with the shadow im not too sure. Full spectrum cam used again.


eight picture was at an inn, this face (or faces) was taken with a full spectrum camera with A emp pulse box. I thought it look like a monk. a week later a medium said she saw three monks  sat at a table in the very spot i took the photo. This was sent for review to one of the Uk's leading paranormal groups, they agree an energy manifestation was caught


The picture outside the Ram Inn- was taken at the beginning of the night before our investigation and Craig was snapping shots with his full spectrum camera  (NIKON).  When checking through his photo's he noticed this figure on top of the roof.  Very strange and the team can not explain it- our medium who used to check spirit photo's believes this to be an astral projection.   On the large picture Craig beleives you can make out a hand with figures on the right side.  Other members said they saw a skull.  It's now fully copyrighted and we are happy for people to view it on our website.


The last picture was taken in a attic. i was using a nikon full spectrum camera using infrared lights. people complained about feeling ill. when i took photo's this one stood out a mile. almost like something was looking right at me.  I went back to the location a month after and tried setting up the same conditions, i could not reproduce this image. ruling out any natural explanations. This was sent for review to one of the UK's leading paranormal groups, they agree an energy manifestation was caught. Looks like it was shadowing the person sat down.


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We Debunked this one!!!!

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