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Name: Sarah Parsons


Hi my name is Sarah, but am known my most as TAZ ,i have been interested in the paranormal from a young age, i saw and knew things that my late mother said i should not have known. It was over twenty years ago when i lost a very special person in my life and i saw him the next day near where he died that my abilites started to reappear again. With the help of a special lady and now close friend i have attuned my abilities with spirit. I love doing soul rescue work most of all and helping spirit to move on when trapped in somes home. I also read for people if they ask and need my help.


I love working with my guides and Angels and they have shown me things over the years to strenghten my belief. I believe we never fully know everything and that we are learning all the time with with the help of spirit whether we know / believe it or not.


We are being guided towards our pathways every day. What a journey we are all on and more people are becoming attuned to the paranormal more !

 so now than ever before, exciting times ahead!love and peace to all Sarah (TAZ)



Name: Craig Jones


I started investigating 8 years ago when moving into a haunted home,  I have always been believer but the events which occured in my house confirmed that ghosts do exists.  I bought equipment and studied my home.  This later became a passion and my investigations ventured outside.  I have trained my ear to attune to EVP's more clearly and the range of equipment I have purchased has lead the team to have some extremelly interesting photos and video.


I do believe the evidence is there you just have to look really hard to find it.

Name: Candi Jones


Since I was young I have always felt I have had a strong paranormal following. I really started to believe in spirits when strange events occured in my home and at the time it seem to center around me, It was actually a very frightening as certain events worth quite threatening.


Since then under the confidence of Craig I have learnt to accept things and embrace spirit activity. I tend to focus my skills on Organising the events and planning.  I have been able to secure some very good locations in the last 6 months.  I tend to have a presence at the ouija board.  My spirit connection with my family is strong which tends to lead to my nan protecting and guiding us into communication with other spirits. The results can be very interesting.

craig Candy allwell sarah

Name: Alan Wellington


I have always had a curiousity about the unknown in both the supernatural and in UFO circles tho only recented embraced it and in joining the team on a couple of investigations so far i have had the oppotunity to record and pin point some interesting EVP's. My experience within the audio side should and will be a great asset to the team plus always willing to try and suggest new ideas.